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Address: 203 S 7th St | Wymore, NE
Contact: (402) 645-3168 | dianesdressesetc@hotmail.com
Website: http://dianesdressesetc.wix.com/dianesdressesetc/


Our brides are much more than a sale to us.  From the time you arrive for your appointment, our sales team, including Diane personally, will do everything in our power to make sure every need is met.  We will not be pushy or overbearing, and you can have as much time as needed to try on gowns and make your decision.


Our goal is to keep prices low, so that everyone can afford to wear something beautiful on their special day.  You can buy “Off the Rack” or we can custom order for you from Mary’s Bridal or The Romance line from Allure. We can work with anyone’s budget.


With so many bridal stores as close as Lincoln, why would you choose Wymore to go dress shopping? Diane’s Dresses offer personal service at low prices!   Their goal is to give you the best personal bridal dress shopping experience and find the perfect dress for you.


We strive to make every woman special and important.  We want you to relax and enjoy your day.  Our consultants will listen to your needs but will also be honest with you.  We will also help you to pick gowns that will look great on you.  Our large fitting rooms make it easy to help each bride during fittings.


We carry new wedding dresses, bridesmaid, mother of the bride dresses, prom, homecoming, party dresses and flower girl dresses. 


Open Tuesday through Saturday 10 am-5 pm | Sunday 12 pm-4 pm during prom season. Evenings by appointment


Helping you sparkle for less!


Be selected as vendor of the month. Email us at info@nebraskaweddingdetails.com

You have the dress all picked out, the wedding venue is locked down and your big day is fast approaching. The only things missing are your favors. Thank your guests for making it to your special day with wedding favors that you can totally DIY while still staying on budget. Whether you and your S.O. spend some quality time making them or you gather your pals for a fun craft-and-wine party, these 12 budget-friendly party favors will add a bit of creativity and originality to your wedding. Oh, and while you’re at it, double a few of these favors as escort cards for an extra personalized touch.


Photo: T&S Hughes Photography

1. Rock Candy: Looking for a laid-back alternative to glam gemstones and jewels? We can’t think of anything better than childhood-favorite rock candy. These treats will give your wedding decor a sweet boho vibe.



Photo: Christy Nicole Photography

2. Tea Bags: Instead of limiting your guests to booze, why not make your wedding incredibly cozy and opt for tea party favors? These DIY options allow you to offer a variety of flavors like green, black or herbal tea for those who prefer to stay caffeine-free.



Photo: Minted

3. Matches: These DIY matches are totally cute, inexpensive and will work well for any type of wedding. And while you’re at it, go ahead and double their task by using them as setting cards so your guests sit not just at the correct table but at the correct seat.



Photo: Something Turquoise

4. Spices: Pack these adorable little glass jars with spices from a family recipe to give your guests a tasty punch. They’re so simple to make that we are willing to bet you already have most — if not all — of the ingredients in your kitchen. Feel free to add a little spoon with it for extra cuteness.



Photo: Fleur de Sucre

5. Wedding Soundtrack: Because you’re obviously going to have the best music at your wedding, creating a soundtrack for your guests to take home is a great idea! Not only will they jam out in the car on their way home, but they will also think of you and your beau very time they listen to the tracks.


Photo: CWF Photography

6. Hot Boiled Peanuts: If you are hosting your wedding below the Mason-Dixie line or with a chic southern twist, hot boiled peanuts are sure to impress your guests. Bonus points if you match your groomsmen’s bowties with the tags!



Photo: Bird’s Party

7. Mints: Want fresh breath and trendy style at your wedding? Pick personalized wedding tic tac favors. Just wrap the printable around the box and secure it with double-sided tape at the back. For a more funky twist, add a bit of glitter to it!


Photo: Gillian Ellis Photography

8. Customized Soda: Personalized favors are the best kind so choose your favorite beverages and print out a photo of the couple with each guest. These are especially great for spring or summer outdoor weddings to help your guests cool off on their way to the dinner table.



Photo: Intimate Weddings

9. Fruit: Everyone appreciates fresh seasonal fruit, so go ahead and get creative with it and make your own fresh fruit wedding favors. You can group cherries or strawberries into custom bags, place custom stickers on apples and pears or use ribbon wrapped around the stems of peaches and oranges for a personalized touch.



10. DIY Macarons: These pretty little delights are taking wedding dessert tables by storm, but are also a lovely treat for your guests to take home. Choose the perfect design and texture to go with your wedding colors for an extra special touch.



Photo: The Pinwheel Collective

11. Honey: Cute and delicate, these honey jars are a great wedding favor that your guests will definitely use. Source the honey from a local vendor near the wedding location or your hometown and attach a honey spoon to the jar to make it one of a kind.



12. Infused Sugar: When you think of wedding favors, you probably don’t think about sugar… at least until now. The wonderful uses of infused sugar are endless. For a special touch, attach your favorite recipe that the sugar would complement.



Article: Brit + Co’s MELISSA PANIAGUA

Regardless of where you stand on the kids vs. no kids at the wedding debate, you cannot deny the entertainment value these little guests provide. Below are 23 kids at weddings doing what they do best: being amusing and very, very adorable.


This ring bearer who clearly loves his job.

Lisa Robinson Photography


These adorable jokesters.

Eniolaalakija Photography


This flower girl on a sugar high

Studio 29


This master of the funny face

Kristi Odom


This little one getting her drank on


These tiny people having a lovers’ quarrel

Chowen Photography


This pint-sized fashionista

Tracey Buyce Photography


This kiddo who has hit his personal limit and wants you to know it

Kristi Odom


This extremely focused dancer

Clane Gessel


This rule enforcer who DEFINITELY means business

Del Sol Photography


This poor victim of a wardrobe malfunction :/

Tracey Buyce Photography


This trio who knows how to make an entrance

Studio 29


This little guy who is straight chillin’

Artisan Photographics


This sassy little thing

Del Sol Photography


This volunteer cake taster

Vesic Photography


This gravity-defying party boy

Eric Kelley Photography


This miniature king of the dance floor

Vesic Photography



Dan O’Day




Article: HuffWedding

There’s a reason — or 10! — why photo booths have been immensely popular at weddings: Photo booths bring guests together. They’re great conversation starters, and create a sense of play, togetherness and remembrance among guests.

Due to the number of requests for photo booths, spin-offs are starting to emerge. Here are a few predictions on what you may see in the future…


Photo: The Atlantic

Drone cameras.
It might sound a little Star Wars-era to trust a robotic camera to capture your big day, but it’s already happening. It’s a great idea for outdoor ceremonies because the elevated camera can snap angles no one can otherwise reach.


Photo: Happy Hands Project

Calligraphy booths.
Couples won’t be limiting gorgeous script to their invitations for long. Now, they’ve invited artisans to make custom script creations for guests on the spot, and each one is unique. Whatever you allow the artist to write on can double as favors.


Photo: Pop Sugar

Instagram instant printers.
You’ve heard of couple’s hashtags, where a couple blends their names and asks guests to use the new moniker — think: #codyandjanaforever— when they post social media content about their wedding. Now, photo printers are available to rent that automatically print your Instagram images as soon as the hashtag is used. It makes for a fun favor and piece of entertainment. #Socool.


Photo: Big City Bride

Selfie stations.
Consider this the milennials’ version of the photo booth. Rather than cramming together inside a booth or in front of a single screen, couples erect multiple backdrops, supply props, provide iPads or polaroid cameras, and encourage guests to “take selfies” at each station.


Photo: Pinterest


Article: The Brides Jillian Kramer

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