Regardless of where you stand on the kids vs. no kids at the wedding debate, you cannot deny the entertainment value these little guests provide. Below are 23 kids at weddings doing what they do best: being amusing and very, very adorable.


This ring bearer who clearly loves his job.

Lisa Robinson Photography  

These adorable jokesters.

annonces de rencontres

Eniolaalakija Photography


This flower girl on a sugar high

Studio 29


This master of the funny face

Kristi Odom


This little one getting her drank on


These tiny people having a lovers’ quarrel

Chowen Photography


This pint-sized fashionista

Tracey Buyce Photography


This kiddo who has hit his personal limit and wants you to know it

Kristi Odom


This extremely focused dancer

Clane Gessel


This rule enforcer who DEFINITELY means business

Del Sol Photography


This poor victim of a wardrobe malfunction :/

Tracey Buyce Photography


This trio who knows how to make an entrance

Studio 29


This little guy who is straight chillin’

Artisan Photographics


This sassy little thing

Del Sol Photography


This volunteer cake taster

Vesic Photography


This gravity-defying party boy

Eric Kelley Photography


This miniature king of the dance floor

Vesic Photography



Dan O’Day




Article: HuffWedding